Any Given Tour Stop – David Ramirez

Any Given Tour Stop is a mini-documentary created as segment content for SerialBox LIVE w/ David Ramirez. Always an awesome time shooting for Ryan Booth and the SerialBox crew. Check out the full 30min session here.

Producer: Ryan Booth
Director: Jordan Smith
Camera Operator: Ryan Polly
Audio Mix/Master: Daniel Karr

The Marriage of True Minds

A short film based on Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116. Released on Valentine’s Day. 

Directed and Edited by Ryan Polly
Shot by Ryan Polly and Daniel Routh
Narrated by Patrick Stewart, sound excerpt from Shakespere’s Sonnets
Starring Jonathan Higgins and Laura Rodriguez

Some screen grabs:

Sequence 01.Still006Sequence 01.Still004Sequence 01.Still008Sequence 01.Still009Sequence 01.Still003Sequence 01.Still007Sequence 01.Still005


Unashamed V

I had the opportunity in November to help my great buddy Jordan Smith shoot some video for Tedashii at the Dallas stop of the Unashamed V tour. I was shooting mostly video, but I switched my camera to photo mode for a little bit and snapped a few photos at the show. Check them out below:

Unashamed-3Unashamed-17lecrae 2upUnashamed-7116 2upUnashamed-14Unashamed-10